Hear what our clients have to say...

  • “I had struggled to improve my personal relationships for some time. Meeting with an Nsight Life Coach has had a dramatic impact in my life, marriage and family. I am grateful for the support of your coach in our lives.”
T.H., Reverend, Florida
  • “Nsight coached our marketing department on how to leverage each individual’s strengths in a new and compelling way.”
J.P., Marketing Manager, Drug Testing Products, Indiana
  • “When first coming to your Nsight Life Coach, I couldn’t express my feelings, thoughts or emotions. With each encounter, the coach helped me work through my issues until I could trust people again. Also, your group coaching encouraged me to express myself to others in a positive way.”
S.S., Realtor, Florida
  • “Nsight Couples Coaching opened our eyes to the fact that we both had been raised in dysfunctional family environments. Inspired by your coach, we’ve improved our communication and our marriage.”
W. & C. S., Cook, Waitress, Kansas
  • “Working with the Life Coach at Nsight helped to shed light on my troubled childhood and codependence. I’ve learned how to make good choices and be more interdependent in my relationships. My life is now filled with hope for the future.”
J.K., Engineer, Florida
  • “It has been a long and hard road to resolve ingrained addictions and understand my feelings. Your Nsight Life Coach walked with me every step of the way to insure steady progress. I am now a more confident person.”
B.R., Teacher, Kansas
  • “Guilt – and memories of the past plagued me for years. Nsight paired me with a great life coach to work through these feelings. My spirit has been uplifted.”
J.K., Homemaker, Kansas
  • “So grateful for you and for helping us to see the opportunities to grow.”
J. & A., Florida
  • “I can't ever begin to tell you how much I appreciate all you've done to help me in my recovery, in my marriage, in my family and in my life.”
K. C., Florida