Coaching 101

A Primer

Just for those assessing the value of group life and retreat coaching.

Coaching is the act of facilitating (promoting, making easy, expediting, helping). Coaches support the group by aiding in their reaching an exact professional or personal goal. They confront the group by soliciting answers to penetrating, relevant questions. Coaching is also an assist to ear-mark the talents and aptitudes in the group and empowering them to produce, at the highest levels possible.

Coaching groups are numerous and vary by the make-up of the individuals. Some typical individual goals within the group are:  losing weight, addictions, family problems, marriage problems, turning around a poorly performing department or entire business, pushing a successful business up to the next level, improving team collaboration, better alliance in tactical performance, enhance services or products, increasing incomes, eliminating bad habits, fostering top-notch relationships, time management.



Life Coaching

Individuals, Couples, Families

Working together to get through dysfunctions that occur during challenges. Your Nsight life coach will plan to meet with a number of family members at one time. The positive benefits - the coach can observe the family’s interaction in the meeting, both as a unit and individually. Coaching hones in on the family’s repetitive negative actions between each person, instead of underlying subconscious causes within members. Coaches also place more emphasis on solving problems instead of placing blame.

When trying to understand co-denpendency a coach can help you start on the path back by ending each family member’s negative part and calling out behavior limits. The first tool you must wield is to stand up for yourself. Express feelings in a positive way whether toward your needs or things.


Group Coaching

Group Benfits

At an Nsight Group, you are in the company of like-minded, committed individuals. This creates an environment favorable to taking emotional risks which allows you to work through fears and frustrations.
You can examine, in detail, what drives your behavioral choices and honestly determine where you are right now. Your coach will help explore what you want in life which will bring greater fulfillment and meaning.

Nsight Life Coaching understands that you, in collaboration with other group members, will have the opportunity to work through your problems. The group’s voluntary participation is facilitated by members of the Nsight Life Coaching staff. The group interacts, coaches and shares information that is held confidential to every member.



Corporate Coaching

Top Level Employee Performance

We are raising the bar of employee loyalty in line with a company’s charter. Pushing a business to top-level performance with focused employees committed to the corporation. Bottom line profits, consistency and client satisfaction are crucial factors.

Coaches assist in ongoing, well planned, heart and mind communications with subordinates, detailing the organization’s beliefs and their important role which are imperative to reach success. One-on-one discussions between the coach and all levels in the company are necessary to benchmark future actions. Senior management will be responsible for regular monitoring of performance to goals. Follow up will entail improvement programs for low performers and promotions for high performers. This evaluation program will be upgraded as it evolves, insuring a robust environment with clear and positive commitment to the company’s mission.


What you want.

Coaching Services Overview

Life Coaching - Corporate Training - Group Coaching - Leadership Training - Resolving Codependency

We specialize in Exceptional Achievement Programs for individuals, couples and families as well as leaders from - business, sports, politics, etc. Our professionals practice an array of coaching methodology with a concentration on solving problems – from minor to the most difficult. We practice compassion every day but always with an eye toward positive results.

Nsight LifeCoaching is for people interested in participating in a journey...

Men and women that want to make a positive change in their business and personal life. People who are experiencing relationships and family problems. Families that need balance in their home. People that are experiencing anger, sadness, guilt and conflict with others. Individuals with past and present issues, addictions, fears and phobias.

Are you ready and willing for a journey to improve your life, Nsight coaches are trained in psychology and posses a unique blend of practical experience, financial skills and empathy. We understand your challenges.