Have you hit a plateau in your personal life, business or career?
Do you want to secure your happiness and success?
Nsight is your personal, business, professional – Life and Retreat Coach


I know…I know – you’re thinking, “Do I really need a coach or can I handle my problem without help?” It’s your decision, a big one, and you have questions, lots of them. If you’ve hit a plateau in your personal life, business or career, a free, initial consultation with one of our thoughtful coaches might be beneficial. An Nsight Life Coaching expert will complete an evaluation and review your specific circumstances such as current psychological barriers and physical, medical, family history. Together, we can discuss a strategy for improvement and goal setting.


  • “The Nsight team developed powerful identity strategies which resulted in the successful launch of our new business.”


M. L., President, New Business Incubation Services, Indiana


Women's Coaching

  • “Your conference on Successful Communication Skills for Women was an overwhelming success. Your coach provided us with a wealth of tools for the business environment.”
S. S., Homemaker, Kansas



  • “Your Nsight Couple’s Coaching helped my wife and me to face our fears, concerns and insecurities. Our marriage has become much stronger.”
M. & J. S., Legal Professionals, Kansas


Strategy and Business

  • “Our start up venture needed a brand identity and market position. Nsight partnered with us at the beginning of our new product launch into an established industry. Nsight impressed our staff by quickly creating a powerful brand which gave us a solid foothold in the industry. Linda and her staff truly function as our outsourced marketing department.”
R. M., Executive Vice President, Pharma Industry Services, Illinois

A little Q & A

Q: “Okay… let’s say coaching could work for me. What’s it going to cost?”

A: First, we’re committed to making highly skilled coaching available to; individuals, couples, families, businesses and professionals. That said, Nsight Life Coaching services are custom tailored to the needs of our client, whether one-on-one, weekly groups or retreats. So…the charge would vary by coach and strategy. Once an approach is agreed upon, costs are called out in specific detail. Many of our clients put us on retainer for a dedicated block of time or pay for sessions as they go. Last, but very important, our services are tax deductible.

Q: “What about the most important part – the coaching process? Give me some details.”

A: At Nsight Life Coaching, we emphasize a multi-discipline approach, using proven techniques for overcoming psychological hurdles and life problems. These procedures have been validated through research studies and actual practice. Some common threads in coaching are identifying conflict, channeling focus, measuring progress, accountability to your coach and achievement of your goals.



About us

At Nsight Life Coaching, our charter is grounded in the use of a client’s “Feelings List”. Since emotions are energy in motion, they are an essential resource, from which to gain a solid, enduring outcome for your personal life, business or profession. With our coach, you can reach out for a higher level of performance and secure your happiness and success.


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Coaching Strategies

  • We specialize in Exceptional Achievement Programs for individuals, couples and families as well as leaders from - business, sports, politics, etc. Our professionals practice an array of coaching methextensiveods with a concentration on solving problems – from minor to the most difficult. We practice compassion every day but always with an eye toward positive results.

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More Testimonials...

“Fear and insecurity ruled my world as an adult and parent. My sessions with your Nsight Life Coach have helped me to lead a healthy lifestyle and serve as a positive role model for my daughter.”
S. S., Homemaker, Kansas


  • “Group life coach and talk radio show moderator, Linda Milner, coached a two hour event on romance, strengthening relationships and improving communication between married couples. It featured John Gray (Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus) and a group of 35 people, including couples who had been married as long as 36 years and as little as one year. They discussed their relationships, problems, questions, concerns in the group setting.”
  • K. M., Staff Writer, Boca Raton News, Inc., Florida